Education on gender equality must start at a young age and never stop.

THE GENDER TALK is an online platform aimed at opening a discussion with and for young people on issues such as mental wellbeing, affectivity and sexuality, gender roles and stereotypes.

We address young people, professionals and families. We believe that it is only through the promotion of health machanisms, such as psychological support or Comprehensive Sex Education, and through knowledge, dialogue and experimentation that we can raise awareness on these issues and create real change in society.

THE GENDER TALK is developed by CESIE with the support of a network of European organisations, working together on the following initiatives:


REBOOT NOW is a EU-funded initiative, active in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and Bulgaria, aiming to address challenges concerning children’s wellbeing, mental health and safety in general, but particularly their increased exposure to gender-based violence (GBV) and the foreseeable difficulty to create safe and healthy relationships.

The project aims to:


Prevent and detect gender-based violence among young people (aged 10-14) through targeted psychological support actions and educational activities at schools, involving also families and older peers (aged 15-18).


Support the recovery of young people from difficulties that have arisen from measures against the Covid-19 pandemic through positive actions that support well-being.


Build the capacity of professionals (teachers/psychologists) and families in prevention and identification of cases of gender-based violence among young people.

REBOOT NOW is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) of the European Commission (2021-2027).


LOVE ACT is an European project aimed at responding to the lack of CSE programs around Europe (in Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Cyprus, Spain and Basque Countries) by:


producing and co-creating educational, informative and networking tools on CSE that are high-quality, evidence-based, intersectional, trauma-informed and appealing to multiple targets, including teenagers, families and educational staff.


building the capacity of educational staff to address issues related to GBV, stereotypes and norms among teenagers through the delivery of CSE programmes.


empowering teenagers to build safe and healthy relationships and improve their well-being through CSE.


increasing awareness in the general public around the need for more and better CSE for teenagers and its potential to prevent GBV

LOVE ACT is funded by the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) of the European Commission (2021-2027).